Professional Advisor Partner Application




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Partner Organization and Contact Information

Sign us up as a LEAVE A LEGACY® WESTERN NEW YORK Partner! Our company/firm endorses the LEAVE A LEGACY® initiative. We will participate in the following ways (check the appropriate boxes, the first 2 are required):

Partnership Term

The current partnership term ends 12/31/2019.

Please Indicate How You Wish To Participate

  Promote the LEAVE A LEGACY® concept in newsletters and other communications;
  Participate in surveys designed to measure the impact of LEAVE A LEGACY®;
  Attend a LEAVE A LEGACY® training session on incorporating charitable giving in the estate planning process
  Display LEAVE A LEGACY® materials in communal area for clients and associates
  Staff the working committees of LEAVE A LEGACY®
  Use the LEAVE A LEGACY® logo on materials about gift planning
  Link our organization's web site to the LEAVE A LEGACY® campaign website

Financial Support

You may support LEAVE A LEGACY® through a voluntary annual membership fee. This year’s Partnership will run through December 31, 2020.  You will be able to select a level of support on the following screen.  

Suggested levels of support:
$100 for individuals
$250 for small firms
$500 for mid-size firms
$1,000 for larg firms
$_______ Other
(Any participation other than the items checked above is voluntary.)