The History of LEAVE A LEGACY®




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Date Published: May 2nd, 2001

LEAVE A LEGACY® was created by the Central Ohio Planned Giving Council in Columbus, Ohio.
In 1996, the National Committee on Planned Giving (NCPG) adopted the LEAVE A LEGACY® program developed by the Central Ohio Planned Giving Council.

NCPG was formed in 1988 as a federation of planned giving councils to facilitate, coordinate and encourage the education and training of the planned giving community, and to facilitate effective communication among the many different professionals throughout each council's community.

The LEAVE A LEGACY® program follows a general guideline and timeframe that can be freely adapted to any community.

The emphasis of the program is to make certain that everyone hears the LEAVE A LEGACY® message from three sources: their favorite charity, professional advisors and the public media.
More than 160 not-for-profit organizations and professional advisors have partnered with LEAVE A LEGACY® here in Western New York.

The Western New York Planned Giving Consortium kicked-off the LEAVE A LEGACY® program in Buffalo, NY on May 2, 2001.