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"Our donors are (too young) (not interested) (of too modest means) to suggest legacy giving. Why should we bother with planned giving?!" There are many reasons and ways that people give to support the vital work of non-profit organizations. People give because they are asked. Give them all the choices possible for supporting your work. Never assume anyone doesn't have the means or assets to make a legacy gift. And never turn down an offer of free brochures, videos, sample articles and other resources with which you can promote gift planning!


How to Benefit from LEAVE A LEGACY®

Steps to Start Benefiting From LEAVE A LEGACY® Right Away

1. Invite a speaker to address your Board members or staff about LEAVE A LEGACY®'s work.

2. Get Board endorsement of the project and your organization's participation.

3. Link your Web site to ours.

4. If you have a newsletter, run a series of articles about planned giving in general and LEAVE A LEGACY® specifically. Include any testimonials from your donors about their giving.

5. Personalize the LEAVE A LEGACY® brochures with your own logo or name.

6. Mail LEAVE A LEGACY® brochures to your closest supporters with a cover letter personally signed by the Executive Director or Board President.

7. Invite supporters to a presentation, and use someone from the LEAVE A LEGACY® Speakers Bureau to talk about planned giving.

8. Use the LEAVE A LEGACY® logo in all materials about gift planning.

9. In every campaign or survey you conduct, add a line where individuals can express interest in gift planning information.

10. Educate and alert your staff (particularly anyone who answers phones) about LEAVE A LEGACY® and your participation.

11. Carefully think through your prompt response to any LEAVE A LEGACY®inquiries, and develop a letter with a simple packet of information. Set aside time to follow up.

12. Involve your volunteer leadership to visit your organization with any interested donors.

13. Join your LEAVE A LEGACY® Western New York team and help raise community awareness!